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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Great Foods to Eat to Lose Weight and Power your Workout with Too

You wouldn't go out shopping without money (or a card) in your pocket, and so you wouldn't try to work your body out at the gym when you have been dieting too much; the gym is a place you need to go fully pumped up with the energy you need to work out. The less energetic you feel when you step on that treadmill, the slower you are going to be running, and the sooner you'll stop. That's not how you're supposed to go about it - it's all supposed to be about wild levels of energy so that you can burn all those calories. That's right, you need calories to be able to burn calories. So what do you need to do to make sure you are primed with the best high octane fuel for a workout? A nice healthy snack about a couple of hours before your workout begins, should set you nicely up. Now what would you choose? Certainly, you need something that gives you strength, and satisfaction; and you don't want to put on weight with these. Here are ideas for foods to eat to lose weight by and power up too at the gym.

Our first snack idea has a little sweet and sour, all  packed into a great fruity little salad. I call it the pineapple surprise. To make it, grab half a cup of lean cottage cheese; throw it in the blender with about a quarter pound of pineapple pieces drained of syrup, and there you have an irresistible rich and creamy nutritious snack.

Carrots happen to be one of the most nutrition packed health healers you ever heard of. It's a good
thing that carrots go well in all kinds of recipes too; for our next idea, grab a package of carrot cake muffins filled with cream cheese; toast a couple nicely on a skillet, and have them go together with a side of vanilla yogurt.

Here's one that should just make the idea of exercise seem a whole lot more tempting - grab a half dozen heavy-duty whole grain crackers, place a low-fat slice of cheddar on each, and nuke it in the microwave. You will gain about 200 calories and about 10 g of fat, but it's mostly healthy, and you do need the fuel. These are great foods to eat to lose weight by, if you don't go overboard with them.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Antioxidant Food

You're probably already familiar with antioxidant foods. If not your doctor, then you've probably
heard about them more than once from your mom. "Eat your veggies. An apple a day..." Sound familiar?

While it's quite true that there's nothing healthier than including fresh produce in your diet, there is actually another reason why doctors insist on a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. The answer may lie in antioxidant foods.

Antioxidant foods are powerful scavengers of free radicals. The function of antioxidant foods is to hunt down free radicals and destroy them.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Reach Your Weight Loss Goal By Eating Foods That Speed Up Your Metabolism

Were you aware that there are certain foods that can speed up your metabolism helping you to burn fat and lose weight faster?  I know it sounds a little too good to be true doesn't it?  But it actually is true, there are some foods that light your fat burning furnace and put your metabolism to work.  If you can add these foods into your diet then you will be on your way to reaching your weight loss goal.

Before I tell you what these superfoods are, first I want to mention exercise.  I know if you are overweight and have no energy you really don't feel like exercising, but exercise will speed up your metabolism.  When trying to lose weight you should always include some exercise in your daily routine, even if it is just a 15 to 20 minute walk.  When you begin exercising and start increasing your muscle mass you will find your metabolism will work better.

The other factor, besides the superfoods that you are waiting to hear about, that affects your metabolic rate is how often you eat.  With many diets you will reduce the number of calories that you eat and some diets you feel like you are just starving.  The problem with diets that reduce food to almost nothing, is that your body realizes that you are eating less and adjusts your metabolism accordingly.  So when you are eating less every day, then your metabolism will slow down and soon you will find it hard to lose anymore weight, even though you are still eating less.  As long as you are eating the right foods then you can eat the required amount to keep your metabolism working fast.

Ok, I wont keep you in suspense any longer, let's get down to business and tell you what types of foods will speed up your metabolism.

1. Fish - fish such as tuna, salmon and sardines are great for your overall health as they are a fantastic
source of Omega-3 fatty acids and they are also great for boosting your metabolism.  When you eat these fish the level of the hormone leptin will drop.  Studies have shown that when leptin levels are low you lose more weight.  If you don't like fish then there is also the option of taking fish oil supplements to give you a similar effect.

2. Hot Spices - hot and spicy peppers like cayenne and jalapeno contain a substance called capsaicin and this is what gives them their heat.  This substance also speeds up your metabolism and your body will continue to burn fat at a fast rate for up to three hours after eating these spices.  So if you can bare hot foods, then they can certainly help to get your metabolism moving fast.

3. Whole grains - whole grains digest slowly and they help to keep insulin levels low.  The higher your insulin levels are the more your body stores fat, so by keeping your insulin levels low your metabolism will work fast and you will store less fat.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Amazing Weight Loss Secrets - The Foods That Boost Your Metabolism

Are you sick of all the fad diets?  Have you tried them but just put the weight back on again?  What if the normal foods that you eat could actually help you lose weight?  There are several types of foods that actually work to speed up your metabolism so if you can include these foods into your diet then they will help you to burn fat and lose weight.  You might already be eating some of these superfoods, so it may just be a matter of adjusting your diet to include more of these foods.

If you are a spicy food lover then you are in luck.  Cayenne peppers, jalapenos and habaneros are some fantastic hot and spicy foods that give the metabolism a great big boost.  Basically, as well as tasting hot they also get your insides running hot too.  These spices will keep boosting your metabolism for around three hours after you eat them.  So if you want a three hour fat burnout then go have a meal with lots of hot and spicy peppers but just be sure that the meal isn't too high in carbohydrates and fats.

Salmon, sardines and tuna - these fish are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which will help speed up your
metabolism and also have the extra benefit of being very healthy for your heart.  Our bodies have a hormone called leptin and our metabolism runs faster when the leptin levels are low and these fish help to keep those levels low, allowing your metabolism to run at a good speed and burn off calories.  Fish are also a source of protein and protein is great for speeding up the metabolism.

While on the topic of protein - foods like lean meat, legumes, eggs and even peanut butter will give your metabolism a boost.  Peanut butter should be eaten in moderation, but do try to include it in your diet as it is rich in both protein and monounsaturated fats.  Nut butters are also high in protein, monounsaturated fats and also contain lots of antioxidants.  Although nuts are high in fat, if eaten in moderation they can actually benefit your weight loss.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The 10 Healthiest Foods

Another great food that should be included in the top 10 healthiest foods is the lemon. Again, lemons

are a great source of Vitamin C, and there is evidence that shows they could reduce a person's chances of developing cancer.

Salmon is another great food because of the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids it contains to help with heart health, and walnuts should be included for the same reason. Plus, both foods are great sources of protein.

Milk would definitely make the list of the 10 healthiest foods, even though it is not really a food at all, simply because of the calcium it provides. There are also links between calcium intake and weight loss.

Avocados are also a great food that should make the list, because they are a great source of dietary fiber and help with the absorption of such nutrients as beta-carotene. Avocados are also shown to reduce cholesterol.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

HOW TO: Fall Asleep Fast!



Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Common Health Problems Of Cats

If you are new to owning a cat, you may be surprised to find that health problems are a common thing.  No
matter what breed of cat you own, health problems are to be expected.  Some may be hereditary, while others can easily be prevented.

No matter what breed of cat it may be, worms are a very common and recurring problem.  Tapeworms, roundworms, and hookworms are among the most common that infect cats.  Cats who have problems gaining weight, problems with fleas, or if you find white specks in his stool, you should have your vet test him for worms.  Although they can be treated with medicine, worms can prove to be fatal if they are left untreated.