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Monday, April 30, 2018

Why Vitamins Are So Good For You

Why Vitamins Are So Good For You

Not long ago an astonishing pair of full-page advertisements appeared in leading newspapers of the country. The advertisers were two of our most popular, huge-circulation magazines.

Both ads were headed by amazing statements. One proclaimed that "You can't photograph a vitamin," and drew the analogy that you couldn't photograph the intangible virtues of the magazine either. The other declared that "Nobody has ever seen a vitamin" and that neither could anyone see the vitamins of editorial quality that made the magazine distinctive.

What's wrong with these statements? Merely the fact that vitamins can be seen and photographed as easily as you take a snapshot of the baby. You can hold pure crystalline vitamins in your hand, taste them, study them just as you can ordinary table salt.

If advertisements costing thousands of dollars, carefully checked by dozens of high-salaried executives, can be so far wrong about vitamins, it is high time that the
mystery be cleared away just as it has been in the laboratories.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Amazing B Complex

Some of the most astonishing miracles to come out of the nutrition laboratories in recent months have had to do with the mighty family of water-soluble vitamins grouped together under the head of the B complex.

When they use the term "B complex," scientists are tacitly admitting that they do not know all the vitamins that compose it. Yet experiments with animals indicate that the B vitamins may turn out to be the most remarkable treasure house o£ human health thus far discovered.

The entire B complex (not the individual and better known B vitamins) appears to be a preventive o£ baldness and of gray hair, at least in animals, as we shall later see. Liberal B intake in animals is believed by many researchers to encourage greater resistance to infantile paralysis. Also, in very recent experiments, it has proved remarkably effective in preventing the development of liver cancers in laboratory rats. Right now there is a ferment of activity to relate these startling findings to human beings.
Two practical and potent sources of the entire B complex in human diets are liver and yeast. Liver is a veritable hoarder of vitamins, known and unknown—among the unknown elements being the factor that prevents niciôus anemia. Early experiments were performed with calves' liver, leading to exaggerated demand and high prices for this particular variety. Beef liver, pork liver, and chicken livers are considerably cheaper and just as important nutritionally as the organ of the aristocratic calf.
Baker's or brewer's yeast is a good source of the B complex, since the living plants of yeast have the ability to synthesize vitamins.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

3 Powerful Motivation Tips For Ripped Abs

Can you see your self walking down the street at your favorite location looking and feeling great.  Or as you
stroll down the beach and you notice people glance over there shoulders to admire your beautiful ripped abs that belong to you. Feeling so confident in your self that your vacation seems perfect like a dream.  You pinch yourself and realize that you have arrived. 

Everyone in this green earth would love to have six pack abs and be fully healthy.  Can everyone archive this goal?  Yes. We people where created for excellence so yes, anything is possible.  Although some may find it difficult to reach personal goals, anything is possible if you have an optimistic and positive outlook on life.

"Life is not fair" We can begin our day very positive, but by the end of the day if you are not fully focused of your objective and constantly thinking of your aspirations you can be a victim of procrastination.  We as humans tend to enjoy the path of least resistance.  Justifying our excuses and having procrastinations of our objectives.  Nobody said that being discipline was easy.  As a matter of fact here are some examples of things we tell ourselves unconsciously that keeps us from hitting our goals: "I would love to workout, but I don't want to be sore for tomorrow's barbeque.", "I will have a free day this weekend therefore I will stuff my face with cookies and milk.", "I love the gym, I just don't have time to go anymore."

Thursday, April 19, 2018

ChemMatters: The Chemistry of Acne

ChemMatters: The Chemistry of Acne

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Eat As Often As You Want And Stay Slim

Who says you shouldn't eat between meals? Time-honored admonitions to this effect turn out not to be true at all.
How can you make the limited calories of your reducing diet linger with you longer? Spread them out into five or even six meals a day. The break up of your diet into breakfast, lunch, and dinner is purely conventional. As long as you do not exceed your total calories, you can rearrange the order of the day's food intake, and the frequency of eating, within wide limits.

Suppose you save a slice of toast and a piece of fruit for a mid-morning snack, some orange juice and a couple of soda crackers for 4 p.m., and a glass of milk before bedtime, subtracting these items from the other three meals of the day. What happens? You are more satisfied with your reducing diet, full of pep and ginger, rambunctious and rarin' to go.

The direct relationship between food intake and muscular efficiency has  been  studied  by  Dr.  Howard  A. Haggard and Dr. Leon A. Greenberg of Yale University, among others. They recorded the results of frequent feedings on factory workers. Most accidents and errors in the factory were occurring shortly before noon and before the evening whistle. By the simple expedient of allowing the workers a mid-morning and a mid-afternoon snack hour, their output was surprisingly increased and there was a substantial drop in errors.

Saturday, April 14, 2018


1, Identify the real cause of stress.

2, Events causing stress should be noted down and analyse it once in a month.

3, Your reactions to each stressful events should be recollected and compared with one another.

4, Should not give immediate responce to stressful event ,always take little time to think.

5, If any tension comes ask your inner man(Mind)for a solution,he is more intelligent than you.

6, Past is past always concentrate on future events and gather courage and willpower.

7, Neednot bother about your loss,but findout the reason for it and try to solve it.

8, Face all situations with confidence.

9, Keep faith in god and worship him.

10,Always hope for the best.

Thursday, April 12, 2018


Food poisoning is an acute gastroenteritis caused by the consumption of a food material or a drink which
contains the pathogenic micro organism or their toxins or poisonous chemicals.Food poisoning is common in hostels,hotels,communal feedings, and festivel seasons.

A group of persons will be affected with same type of symptoms ,and they give a history of consumption of a common food before few hours.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

3 Simple Factors to Beating Cocaine Addiction

3 Simple Factors to Beating Cocaine Addiction
Ok, someone you love and care about has a Cocaine Addiction Problem.  Now what?

At this point many thoughts will go through your mind.  Most people actually follow a common series of
thoughts, believe it or not.  The first thought is denial.  The addict actually goes through this several times as well. 

When the actions of the Cocaine Addict make this impossible to consider further, the next thought is that there is only a minor problem, not a drug addiction.  This is where the majority of Cocaine Addicts fail to get the help they really need.  It is the extreme exception that someone is a true casual cocaine user.  There are no casual crack users as this is clearly the most addictive drug known to man.  So the answer is clearly a cocaine addiction program.  But how to you choose the right one?

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Good Food And Food To Avoid

Be Liberal with vital animal protein foods – milk, meat, eggs and cheese.
Reasons why: Protein foods satisfy your appetite earlier, make it content with fewer calories. Protein calories step up your metabolism and tend to use up more energy, hence are more effective in reducing weight than fat or carbohydrate calories. Proteins help to eliminate surplus water from the tissues (70% of your weight is water).

Animal proteins are necessary to supplement the less complete ones of vegetable foods; animal fats are outstanding sources of Vitamin A in which many reducing diets are deficient. The vitamin in green and yellow leaves and vegetables is present in a form (carotene) not always well utilized, especially if "diet dressings" made of mineral

Eat as many vegetables as you like
Reasons why: They satisfy your need for bulk because you can eat large quantities without taking in many calories (except for legumes and avocados, which are high in fat). Vegetables are valuable carriers of vitamins and minerals, and provide bulk for intestinal roughage. Choose a substantial proportion of your carbohydrate calories from vegetables rather than from concentrated sweets and sugars which have low mineral and vitamin values. Generally speaking, the proteins of vegetables are inferior, except for the legumes, but they increase in value when supplemented by animal proteins. Vegetables should be boiled, baked, or eaten raw, since frying adds fat and increases calorie values hugely.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

“Cool” or “Uncool”

Health experts believe that every year 2.5 million people around the world including 400,000 from America
die because of smoking. And probably millions more suffer from smoke-related illness. According to studies, additional 3,000 deaths occur in America because of lung cancer due to inhaling second hand smoke.

Smoking is linked to lung cancer which is the leading cause of cancer death. Studies show that smoking harms almost every organ of the body causing smokers to have poor health. Common diseases that may occur because of smoking are bronchitis, emphysema, and heart attacks. Smoking is also responsible for the rapid aging of skin, stained fingers and teeth because of exposure to nicotine.